Vstar 1300 Oil and Filter Change                      


                                 Steven Low, KB9QFT

                                                     for http://www.1300tourer.com  


            4 quarts motor oil    

                  1 oil filter

            ----  see V Star 1300 Wiki for oil recommendations and a list of compatible filters  ---

                  Newspaper, diaper, "OilZap" or something to catch the spills.

                 17mm socket / ratchet , or 17mm wrench

                 Oil filter wrench (smaller than my smallest automotive oil wrench, I used a strap wrench)

                 three small lengths of 2x4 board or equivalent in stacked height  ( approx. 4.5 inches)

                 Oil catch pan (4quart minimum capacity, 5 inch maximum height)

                 Floor jack , to support right side of bike


         Gather up your supplies and tools.

Support your kickstand to

level the bike.






Place newspapers or pad

to catch spills.






Support the right side with

a floor jack.





  The oil filter attaches to the lower front

of the engine, can't miss it in this view

from front.




This view is from the Right side of the bike.





The Oil plug is marked in the

picture with  a red arrow.

Remember 17mm wrench!




This is looking from the front

of the bike, along the left

frame rail. Plug to left rear

of engine.



Looking toward the front tire

along the left frame rail

Place the oil catch pan.




Remove the oil drain plug, 17mm


"Open end" for illustration only.

I recommend the closed end.

Let the oil drain. Replace plug.

Wipe the Oil filter clean with a damp cloth to avoid

getting dirt or sand inside the filter connection.

 Loosen the oil filter slightly.

 Move oil pan to under oil filter. Remove filter.

 Check the Oil filter gasket came off with the filter.

 You do NOT want to have two gaskets in place, they will leak.


Pour the used oil in a container

and take to a proper oil recycling

station. The Oil filter may also

be recycled.


Run a thin film of clean

oil on the new filter's




Properly install the new filter by spinning it

on by hand until it JUST bottoms out.

Mark a line on the end face that you can

see it.  Tighten the filter one quarter to one

half turn farther.

This will properly seat the gasket.


Remove the Oil filler

cap from the top left

front of the engine.



Pour in almost 4 quarts

of new clean oil.

3.91 according to the




Start the engine and allow it to idle for one minute.

This will allow time for the proper oil pressure.


Enjoy your favorite beverage!  You are done.

Don't forget to recycle the used oil and filter.